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The City of Rhome is NO LONGER in Stage 4 Emergency Contingency Plan!

2.25.2021 - The City of Rhome is NO LONGER in Stage 4 - Emergency Contingency Plan and the water department is back to normal operations. We received  a passing grade on our testing sample to TCEQ. Thank you Rhome water customers for your efforts to help conserve our water during this record-breaking winter weather event!
2.24.2021 - Thanks to our Rhome water customer's continued conservation efforts, our water levels are back to normal. This morning we returned the City of Aurora to normal operations and at noon we began slowly bringing Aurora Vista back online. Walnut Creek testing from TCEQ came back with a passing mark, which is continued good news! The City of Rhome again submitted samples to TCEQ for testing and expect to receive results tomorrow. Rhome water customers can use water for all indoor purposes including, drinking, restroom, washing machine, showers, dishwasher, etc. Please keep in mind that one major water line break could still set us back: We are still recommending not watering lawns, washing cars, etc. We will update tomorrow as we know information.
2.23.2021 -
Good news!
The testing sample of the Bobo Storage with intake from Walnut Creek passed. As a result, we are able to use that water in our system. We are asking Rhome water customers to continue to conserve. We expect Walnut Creek’s testing results to come back Wed/Thursday: Friday will be the telling day, barring any unforeseen emergencies (i.e., line-breaks). Please continue to keep up the good job of conserving our water for essential uses: Drinking, restrooms, washing (larger/fewer loads), short showers and continue to avoid watering lawns, washing cars, washing off driveways, etc.
2.22.2021 -
City of Rhome is not under a Boil Water Notice: We are still in Stage 4 – Emergency Contingency

Water levels continue to slowly rise. The City of Rhome is receiving water from Walnut Creek and keeping it stored as reserves separated from our water system. The goal is to avoid a boil water notice and continue to rely on water from our wells. Public Works is testing the water received from Walnut Creek SUD and should receive results in the next 24 – 48 hours.
Assuming Walnut Creek SUD water is clear, we will add the water to our system, continuing to increase our supply. If it is not, we will only add the water to our system in case of emergency. In that even, it would require the City of Rhome issue a boil water notice. We would contain the use of Walnut Creek's water to the Chisholm subdivision, NISD Chisholm Middle and Prairieview Elementary Schools and surrounding neighbors, including Old Base and FM 4668.
We have been advised that Walnut Creek will be testing their water mid-week and will know more by Thursday or Friday.
In the meantime, we are still in Stage 4 -Emergency Contingency but are expanding on the essential use by including washing clothes (do larger/less loads) and shorter showers, for example. However, people should still avoid washing their cars, washing off their driveways or watering their lawns.
2.21.2021 - Stage 4 - Emergency Contingency plan continues.  Many residents did their part and we had a decrease in usage overnight and earlier am. With the return of work and school we noticed the water levels drop. Please continue to conserve water for essential uses and limit use to 100 gallons per day per person. Short showers, turning water off while you soap up, doing full load of clothes. vs lot of little loads and no longer be 'dripping' your faucets are all ways you can help!  
2.20.2021 - Residents notified to continue to conserve water and discontinue dripping faucets as temperatures rise. System slowly stabilizing.
2.19.2021 - Major water leak discovered and urgent notice issued to CONSERVE water
2.18.2021 - City implemented Stage 4 - Emergency Contingency Plan. Walnut Creek has power outage; issues boil water notice. City not taking water from Walnut Creek. All residents must limit their water to no more than 500 gallons of use per day.  Click here for more information.

SURVEY: City Council seeks Resident Input on Community Planning

About a year and a half ago the City Council completed the Comprehensive Development Plan, which included extensive citizen input. Now it is time to review that plan: Where we've been, what we have accomplished and review and re-prioritize what still needs to be completed. We have developed an online survey, located here and the Council would like to hear from you! The survey will be open for the next few weeks and the results will be presented to the Council as they begin to plan for the future budget. Take 5 minutes and help the Council plan and prioritize projects for Rhome's future!

CONSERVE WATER! Weather/Power related impacts to Rhome:

We have had partial power at the Bobo water tank since yesterday. Wise County Electric supplies the power. All water from Walnut Creek comes through Bobo Station. If power is not restored areas of Rhome and Rhome customers will not have water.  Areas impacted include The Chisholm neighborhood as well as Aurora Vista, Aurora and Old Base Road.


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