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Deferred Disposition


***  Please email the court at with any questions or concerns regarding a new citation, a notice of outstanding citation, or a request for court setting.  Put your first and last name, date of birth as the subject of your email.  Please include your best MAILING address and phone number in your email for communication from the court.
***  To find out the amount of your fine, go to the online portal at  .
You can also look on "sub-tab" F.A.Q. for most common violations/fine amounts.

**  To request a reset/continuance of a current court setting, you must submit a formal Motion for Continuance to the court.  You must include "good cause" for the judge to consider a continuance regarding your citation. 
You must submit the ORIGINAL MOTION to the court by in person at Rhome Municipal Court, 501 South Main St., Rhome, Texas  76078      or    or by U.S.P.S. Mail to Rhome Municipal Court, P. O. Box 228, Rhome, Texas  76078.
The court will notify you by U.S.P.S. Mail regarding the judge's decision on your request for continuance.


---  you possess a Class A or Class B Commercial Drivers License
---  the offense occurred in a construction zone with workers present
---  the offense occurred in a school zone
---  the offense occurred while passing a school bus
---  an accident was involved
---  you illegally passed an authorized emergency vehicle
---  you failed to yield the row to an authorized emergency vehicle

If you are under the age of 25 and request Deferred Disposition for a moving violation, you will be required to take a Texas Driver Safety Course as required by TX DPS for compliance for dismissal.  Other conditions such as completion of community service may apply as required by TX DPS or the presiding judge of this court.  Please contact the Court if questions.
Office:  817-636-2333
Your request for deferred disposition must be received by the Court not later than your "Appearance Date" printed on your citation. If your request is granted by the Judge, you will be notified by mail and you must comply with the terms ordered by the court and you must pay the amount assessed by deadline (see payment options below).

1.  Moving violations - the judge has orders as follows regarding deferred disposition (probation) for the following:
Speeding violations that are up to 20% over the posted speed limit - you may be eligible for Deferred Disposition (probation)
Speeding violations that are above 20% over the posted speed limit - additional conditions may apply such as:
 ----   Complete a Texas Driver Safety Course as a condition of deferral (even if you have an out-of-state DL)
 ----   Complete (up to) 20 hours of Community Service at any non-profit organization in your area as a condition of deferral

2.  Violations for "Minor in Possession of.......tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia":

 ----   Compete a Tobacco Education Course (online or in person)
 ----   Complete an 8 hour Drug Awareness Course (online or in person)
 ----   Complete an 8 hour Alcohol Awareness and Education Course (online or in person)

 --  All compliance documents INCLUDING the original signed and dated Deferred Disposition Agreement are due back to the court BEFORE the end of the Deferral Period set by this court.

 -- The court clerk does NOT HAVE AUTHORITY to accept late compliance documents.
 -- Failure to comply with all conditions by deadline may result in a Show Cause Hearing being scheduled in which you will be ordered to appear to answer to the judge as to why you failed to comply with conditions set by the court.
 -- Failure to appear at a scheduled Show Cause Hearing may result in the violation being entered as a conviction and may appear on your driving record and/or criminal record.
 -- Failure to pay a fine/costs/fees by deadline may result in a warrant being issued with additional fees applied as well as a hold being placed on your driver license and/or registration until the violation is resolved in full.  Continued neglect to pay may result in the violation being submitted to Private Collections status with additional fees applied.

STOP !!! 
Do not pay your citation until you have submitted your plea in writing to the court UNLESS you want to enter a plea of Guilty, waive a trial by jury or by judge, and accept a conviction of the violation.


1.  Debit/Credit Card:  By phone, in person, or online - a 5% service fee will be applied to ALL card transactions by the card processing company.  Online Portal: 

**  If you are using a cell phone to pay your citation, please read the requirements. You must "Accept the cookies" and "use the web version".
2.  Money Order or Cashier's Checks - make payable to "City of Rhome" (be sure to sign the M.O./C.C.. Print your name and citation number on the lower left MEMO section of the payment)
3.  Cash in person - exact amount required. Court cannot give change.
** There is a 24-hour payment/document drop box on the front door of Rhome City Hall, 501 North Main St., Rhome, Texas  76078

** You can contact the court to verify your citation amount....
    Office:  817-636-2333