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bigstock-Question-Mark-114454214Do you have a burning question about city government?
Operations, budget, how to, or 'what about...'?

Instead of throwing the question out on a local social media site go directly to the source; contact us and we will be happy to answer or direct you to the best resource for you. Send the question to and we will get back to you directly and post the question and answer here for others to see as well. Response times will vary dependent upon number of questions, but we will do our best to answer in a timely manner.

How do I know if I live inside the Rhome City limits?

The first thing you should look at is your annual tax statement from Wise County, which shows all the taxing districts you reside within. Second, the photo below shows the city limits (red line). Keep in mind that you may have a Rhome address but that doesn't mean you live inside the city limits of Rhome, it just means that the location of the Post Office for this area is located inside the city limits of Rhome.

City Limits

When the City had more than 17 bank accounts what were the bank accounts, what were the balances when they were closed, when where they closed and where was the money moved to?

Q&A bank accounts

Will residents remain anonymous on the city's website once the questions are answered?   Yes

What is the turnaround time for all questions asked on the Q&A?
Our goal will be to respond to questions within 24 - 48 hours, dependent upon several factors including the complexity, the work load of staff and volume of requests.

Is the Charter for the City of Rhome online? Where can I obtain a copy?
The City of Rhome is General Law City and as such does not have a City Charter. Once a city reaches the population of 5000 the City can become a Home Rule city. Essentially, General Law cities can only do what the Texas Constitution specifically states they can do whereas Home Rule cities can establish a City Charter, and as long as the Texas Constitution doesn't preclude them from the activity are allowed and have a greater level of control via City Charter. The best place to determine the rules that govern the City of Rhome is the Code of Ordinances, located here, and the Texas Local Government Code, located here.