Rhome offers many options for a place to call home.
Ellis Homestead - located on the southwest edge of Rhome just off of Hwy 287, Ellis Homestead offers large lots and spacious brick homes.
Crown Point - located in the center of Rhome just east of Main Street, Crown Point offers regular size city lots and comfortably-sized brick homes.
ByWell Estates - located East of Rhome on SH Hwy 114, ByWell Estates is a well-maintained manufactured home community.
Old Rhome, also known as "Old Town Rhome" - looking for homes with a lot of history and character? Take a tour around Rhome proper.
Welcome to the City of Rhome

Welcome to the City of Rhome
Physical Location: 501 South Main Street  | Mailing Address: PO Box 228 | Rhome, TX 76078
Phone: 817-636-2462 | Fax: 817- 636-2465 | Metro: 817-638-2758 | cityofrhome@earthlink.net
Chisholm - a shared neighbored between the City of Rhome and the City of Newark, is just minutes from  Prairie View Elementary and Chisholm Trail Middle School.  Chisholm offers spacious half acre lots with brick homes.