Rhome Police Department Mission Statement

The Rhome Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community by providing the highest quality public service,
protection of life and property, and impartial law enforcement,
while always maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity.

Crash Report Requests

To request a Crash Report, you must fill out and submit a Crash Report Request Form to Police Chief Sam Love.  The Police Department will then contact you once the report is available.

Community Tips

Please Watch for children
Always stay conscious of what’s happening on the street.  When pulling out of your driveway or making a turn, kids can come close to your car at any time.  If you do see children, take your time and be patient — let them get out of the way completely.

Fraud Prevention:
Our most reported crime is related to people becoming victims of various frauds.  Please visit the following websites to get informed:

Useful Links

Rhome Police Department

400 BC Rhome Ave
PO Box 228
Rhome, Texas 76078


Rhome Chief of Police: slove@cityofrhome.com
Wise County Dispatch:  940-627-5974


Rhome Police Department Core Values
Welcome to the City of Rhome
Physical Location: 501 South Main Street | Mailing Address: PO Box 228 | Rhome, TX 76078
Phone: 817-636-2462 | Fax: 817-636-2465 | Metro: 817-638-2758 | cityofrhome@earthlink.net